Welcome! This is a page for the Orion Lost Vape. I have been using this device exclusively since 06/26/20 to 02/05/21. Now I use both this and VooPoo Drag (Original Stainless) with the VooPoo PnP POD Tank.


ORION Lost Vape
A program named EScribe is available to alter or modify the settings and other features of these devices.

"CLICK" Here for the Mac program used to MODIFY the on-board settings!

"CLICK" Here for the Windows program used to MODIFY the on-board settings!

"CLICK" This link for a copy of the settings that I am currently using. These settings work for both Mac and Windows programs

You can modify just about any part of how these things work, Anything from the color of the led for various functions, to the actual power it puts out at any of the 5 power output settings.

Here is the site used to source these programs.