This tool is used to make the RIDGE on the train's wheels.
This tool is for the Train builders out there who are
the DIY guys that make wheels also.

This tool is sold for $50.00 +shipping,
Please call, 1 (609) 665-3622 AND email me at for ordering. Money orders only.
The wheels used from this tool are for the 1/8th Scale Trains.
Wheel thickness should be 0.75", Or 3/4 Inch.
Wheel diameter does not matter.
After the wheel is cut and a Ridge is made on the inside edge,
It will put the correct shape on the ridge saving much
time on the lathe.
You can see from the picture, (above) the shape is made on both sides
of the tool, to give you a replacement if the other side breaks or dulls.
So, you get two of them for the money.
All money for this tool goes to
tool manufacturing,
Thank you very much for your purchase:-)