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This is the list of songs that are here on this site:

Sarah's Song-
Lyrics and music by Kevin Geoghegan,
Kevin Geoghegan: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, and bass guitar.
Mandolin, and drum sequencing.
Brook Belding: Backing vocals.

Could It Be-
Lyrics and melody by Kevin Geoghegan.
Music by David Paul. Kevin Geoghegan: Vocals Acoustic guitar, bass guitar.
Tim Brion: Lead guitar.
"The Maestro" David Paul: Arrangement, keyboard and sequencers.

Never No Never-
Lyrics and melody by Kevin Sopher, Performed by 'KEPT'
Kevin Sopher: Lead vocals Acoustic guitar
Rich Foldazy: Backing vocals, Drums.
Harry Morey: Bass guitar
Kevin Geoghegan: Electric Guitars.

Love Never Fails-
Lyrics and music by Kevin Geoghegan
Kevin Geoghegan: Vocals, acoustic, bass and electric guitars, drum sequencing.
Kevin Sopher: Backing vocals
Christine Kantawein: Backing vocals

You Are GOD-

Some Of Our Songs