Started in January 2005

Mission The mission of Jersey Shore Live Steam is to allow its members and the visiting public an opportunity to experience the type of services and operations a railroad such as the Tuckerton provided an area such as the Jersey Coast in a time gone by. Building, operating and experiencing railroading of this type would be manageable in a complete model railroad recreation as never offered anywhere else in the United States making this project unique in its nature.

The Jersey Shore Live Steam Organization is in the process of recreating in 1/8 scale, the once existing Tuckerton Railroad operation. This will include a continually increasing number of scale reproductions of the ten real steam locomotives, the passenger cars and freight cars used to haul the materials to build this area (including the clams for the Cambell's Soup Company. We will also recreate in 7/8 scale the beautiful and unique station buildings, key railroad structures and eventually the possibility of one of the two steamboats involved during its operation (this in 1/2 scale at 55' long being steam powered).

We will also be working with Bass River Township to help provide funds for the development of the surrounding park, which is located in the center of town in the "Village of New Gretna".This is a free public park for everyone to enjoy with multipurpose environmental trails marked with information to be explored.

This railroad, operated by the Jersey Shore Live Steam Organization, will operate as a real working full size railroad with trained operating crews and scheduled station stops. This operation is not an amusement park ride but is a full operational museum of a turn of the century railroad, only in a smaller scale. The Jersey Shore Live Steam Organization is an educational non-profit 501C3 museum organization. As a non-profit museum, we are able to solicit grants, donations and materials to fulfill this cause. We are able to work with schools and scouting programs for demonstrations, merit badges and credit. We are actively looking for members and volunteers.

We feel it is important to educate the general public as to how important the Tuckerton Railroad was in the development of this area as a whole before the advent of the automobile, truck and airplane. Members will be able to ride and operate the equipment for the enjoyment of the general public. The public will be able to visit the railroad museum quality locomotive shops to see equipment being built and serviced for daily operations. The public will be invited to join to participate in all aspects and programs. Visiting the park is free. ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFO MORE INFO

About Jersey Shore Live Steam is in the process of recreating the original lines of the Tuckerton Railroad in 1 1/2 inch scale Live Steam.

Company Overview We are a non-profit 501(C) organization involved in an all volunteer effort to build a scale replica of the operations of the now-defunct Tuckerton Railroad which helped develop the local area from its beginnings in the late 1800's.

Jersey Shore Live Steam is in the process of recreating the original lines of the Tuckerton Railroad in 1 1/2 inch scale Live Steam.

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Vincent Lutz (President) Cell Phone: (518)926-9623... See More

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